a couple weeks back now, i had an amazing experience up at Salem Art Works' annual SAWfest. deep in the nite i found myself standing in the open air kitchen sipping on some chamomile tea speaking with my soul*sister & dear friend reena (my pet dragon). perhaps it was the sight of the milky*way in the starry skies : : or her heart open wide after rocking an epic set in a field full of folks dancing, hooting & hollering... but she looked at me and asked  "what do you think would happen if for say 2 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays there was no gravity?" she asked it just like she was asking me to pass the honey (that's why i love her). and of course there was the mention of nailing things down and she was like- "no, not objects, just humans. what if human beings weren't affected by gravity for those 4 hours a week, what do you think would happen?" 


her question steeped in my mind as we made our way home, driving through impossibly green fields under a perfectly blue sky. what would it be like... if for 4 hours a week, none of the limits we imposed on ourselves, none of the making-us-feel-less-than habits, ideas, patterns, beliefs, stories- what if none of them applied.  what if the inner critic was silenced, the judge- napping, the naysayer- on vacation. what if that subconsciously held thread was tugged & the knots unraveled. what would we be capable of? what would we choose? what would we create? and what would the implication be if we could see ourselves free of these & see what we were capable of creating & what if we chose to be that 24/7. what if we recorded over those 1/2 truths that have us convinced that we are anything less than what we are & we allowed the song of our soul to sing itself through us? what if we dared to dwell in the depths of our fullest potential?

well reena, here's what i think would happen. 

i think we would soar.