Eve of Spring Equinox

(not a moment too) soon, buds will climb from the ground (defying gravity) & unabashedly open to the light. what appeared as barren ground will thaw & reveal itself, teeming with life. lime green grasses will shoot up from soil anticipating the specific sensation of your naked soles, dancing. once bare branches will offer yellow green leaves to gather light & shimmy in the warm breeze... and the ever evolving shadow dance with light will cascade across pavement & skin (& all of this) reminding those with eyes to see of the grace of spring.

in this pregnant pause before She arrives, may we unearth gratitude for the countless dying offs & rebirths we have come to know... as we see the world waking from winter, may we renew our efforts to hold ourselves and each other with kindness, compassion & love * may we open (like flowers to light) to guidance from that which is limitless within (& find the messages in all that surrounds us) & (as a result of the peace in our hearts) may all beings everywhere know peace.