pausing in the presence of the dark moon

the recognition of thirst.


or perhaps more often

the deep seeded desire

to move beyond a way of being

that is no longer in alignment

the voice tugging you silently

then whispering, urging



is the territory of the dark moon…

the urge to crawl deeply inward

cocoon, create, crumble

(or more often distract, numb, chase)

or to dwell in the

inkiness of the muck

with whatever degree of compassion

you can muster & hold…



the birth of

the watershed moment

the turning point

the release, surrender


the dawning

of a new

(way of)



THIS MOON in particular,

considered Super (given our proximity to it, the power of it’s lunar tug on tide & all else & it’s alignment with sun and earth) is one which supports us in

owning our uniqueness & recognizing how essential the full expression and actualization of ourselves is in the story of how our lives (& the world) will unfold.

the time to move with greater integrity is now.

the time to hold yourself accountable is now. the time is (always) now.




offer thanks on each exhale

feel nourished with each inhale


sense compassion washing over you

feel deep peace arise within you


sense pouring into you

the transformational energy needed to kick in gear

whatever it is in need of kicking

with tender tenacity born of

deep deep love

(& if not quite yet there

sense the waters rising in that deep bucket

that will overflow in time. hold yourself with patience)


root yourself where you are

bathe in your breath

be where you are

it is all here

all you need

know it

trust it




release doubt & fear with exhale

drink in light with each inhale.


breathing out & breathing in love

let that love fill you like the sun rising in the sky

from the tips of your toes, through your legs, pelvis, belly, chest, neck head

glowinig from the center of you- shining through skin

offering light


on this new moon night, may we know peace. may we know love & may these two ripple out through us, touching the hearts of all. may we return thanks to mama earth, walking gently & consciously (& dancing joyfully) on Her sacred ground.