bring the light :: spring intention

this past week i had the honor of sharing in co-creating a sweet evening of meditation and DIY intention candle making with niambi of bloomsbury sq. &  beautiful group of women in the gorgeous space that is 942 summit in the heights.... this is part of follow up message i sent along to serve as a guide in creating a home ritual for this evening.

in the waning days of winter, i found myself feeling a bit more contemplative, taking an honest look inward and acknowledging those ways of being that no longer serve.... rather than ignoring them or judging myself, increasingly i'm aware that holding my whole self with compassion is the doorway to alchemical transformation. pausing deliberately with myself, feeling my breath, i soften, expand and allow for the coming and going of thoughts, emotions and all else.

i thought it might be of use to share a li'l ritual  to honor the new moon, the full on eclipse, the passing of winter and arrival of spring- please feel free to modify it in anyway that resonates.

*if you haven't already done so, scribble out a few thoughts/ideas as to what you are ready and willing to let go of- whether it's a pattern of reactivity,  a way of being, or simply an afflicted emotion that takes you hostage in some way that doesn't serve your greatest good- sit with these for a bit. see what lessons there are to be mined from your experience with these. resolve to cultivate the opposite.

*light your intention candle. as you do so, recognize that when you turn a light on in a dark room, the darkness dissolves... no matter how long the darkness presided. think of the bright light of consciousness embodied as you for a short while. feel gratitude for the gift of your extraordinarily blessed life. be with gratitude. sense into the joy of spring, the emergence of new life. the bright green leaves of trees. sense the light blazing in you growing brighter and warmer with each breath

*in the light of your candle, write now (or revisit if you've already down your writing) a few things you would like to see bloom in your life-- whether these are qualities in your heart, things or experiences- or a combination thereof. sit for a while with these. keep this piece of paper somewhere you can revisit.... or plant it in a garden or a houseplant if you prefer. RELEASE YOUR INTENTION... recognize the infinite organizing power that is at work in the universe and know that it is working for you...

*take a few moments to gaze at your candle and hold in your heart those you love and offer prayers and wishes for their peace, ease and well being. as wholeheartedly, offer prayers and wishes for their peace, ease and well being. 

when you are ready,

blow out your candle.

pause with your hands on your heart.

wishing you an abundantly blessed and joyful spring...

all love,