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compliments of jaime:

compliments of jaime:


weekly group classes

slowly flowing, deeply going, creatively sequenced sessions which cultivate a sense of spaciousness in body mind & heart

TUES 9:30-10:30am  slow groove {yoga} morning flow immediately followed by 10:30-11am meditation @ URBAN SOULS YOGA | 100 hudson street * 4th floor BEGINNING AFTER LABOR DAY

WEDS 8:15pm   vinyasa @ crunch | 110 sinatra drive | hoboken

THURS 9:30-10:45am   community class @ the civic league | 1200 washington street | hoboken ::: this class is part of a program called Yoga for Good laurieG co-created with senior teacher tam terry who teaches in the same space on tuesday mornings at 9:30. sessions are $10 and a percentage of proceeds are dedicated to a monthly offering for parents of children with developmental differences facilitated by batia zumwalt (sessions feature gentle movement, meditation and breathwork and the opportunity to be in conversation and community).

FRI 6:30-7:30am  sunrise salutations @ crunch | 110 sinatra drive | hoboken BEGINNING 13 SEPTEMBER



small group work

laurieG is available to work with small groups of friends in home and in studio spaces- customizing experiences to meet your needs. for additional information on small group work and corporate sessions email:


what she said...

"Taking yoga with Laurie is one of the best things I do for myself. It's such a special sweettreat, like a piece of dark chocolate. Her classes are challenging and muscular but totally restorative and energizing at the same time. I honestly feel like I've just had a massage; I float all the way home!" -AD

"Laurie brings a whisper to your roar. Her calm demeanor tiptoes into your heart and remains long after class is over. Laurie's immense knowledge of yoga partners well with all the preparation she obviously does before each class. As a long-term student, I continue to learn new poses and positive ways of thinking from her. Her unwavering focus during class is contagious. Through conscious breathing aligned with movement, Laurie teaches students that concentration melts stress." -CD

for additional information about groupClasses, contact: // 201.424.5642