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one on one services

laurieG is passionate about serving women in all phases of pregnancy- preparing physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally to birth themselves as mothers.  recognizing that each woman is unique and each pregnancy is unique, she tailors her work to meet the needs of her clients in each moment.  laurieG believes that the divine intelligence beating our hearts, breathing our lungs and spinning earth 'round sun is at work in pregnancy & at work in birth.  she believes this is something to be acknowledged, felt and honored. she feels strongly that every woman should be informed of the choices available to her in conception, pregnancy and birth... that each woman has the right to make choices in alignment with this wisdom-- and understands that what that means will look slightly different for everyone and may evolve along the way. she believes the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our partners & the beings who come through us into the world is our wholehearted compassionate presence. her work is rooted in these beliefs.

 contact: // 201.424.564

 contact: // 201.424.564

sessions incorporate the following...

  • breathing practices :: for moving energy more fully through the body, balancing the nervous system

  • shakti*flow yoga & organic movement :: fluid movement aligned with the energies of the divine feminine

  • restorative yoga & deep relaxation

  • meditation

  • mantra

  • contemplation / self-study







here at her own ceremony with akiyo adorning...

blessingWay ceremonies

traditionally in native cultures before giving birth- a community of women would gather in celebration of the soon-to-be-mother to offer blessings.  laurieG's blessingWay ceremonies are rooted in appreciation of this tradition and are customized for mamas-to-be. in general, we gather in a circle and make tribute to those who have given birth before us- we reflect back to the mama the beauty and radiance of her own light- we pass around a special object pouring wishes into it for mama to hold in birth or create a birthing necklace made from beads offered by participants. mama may or may not choose to incorporate the application of a henna design for her belly by a gifted artist, AKIYO, who specializes in maternity henna for an additional fee. 



what she said

'laurie is not only an incredibly gifted teacher, but she is also a uniquely individual and generous person.  I took my first yoga class ever with laurie and since then she has had a profound impact on my life.  during our private sessions throughout my pregnancy, laurie helped me relax, focus and prepare both mentally and physically for the birth of my son. i owe her a tremendous amount of gratitude for giving me the tools & confidence to embark on the amazing journey of motherhood.

-cs (beautiful mama & recently certified yoga teacher extraordinaire)


basking in the glow shortly after kai's arrival 

basking in the glow shortly after kai's arrival 

"giving birth to our sweet son kai, in our home, was an experience that changed me forever in ways that words cannot express. when i looked into his eyes, my beloved by my side, my heart opened wider than the universe & in an instant i understood just how deeply, completely & unconditionally i was capable of loving. since experiencing pregnancy, walking through the fire of birth & now immersed in the 24/7 practice of motherhood, i have become passionate about serving women preparing to birth themselves as mothers &  creating opportunities for mamas to show up for and nourish themselves. " -laurieG