inner journeys for contemplation + transformation

take red. add blue. get purple. add yellow. get orange. when you think of the one common element in every experience you've ever had- it's that you're having it. and while who you are is an ever*evolving being, what you bring to every relationship & experience is you. how you choose to exist with everything in your life ultimately defines much of the experience. yoga philosophy informs that the world we perceive is a reflection of our hearts...  there no greater gift that we can give (ourselves, our partners, our families, our communities or our world) than going in to take an honest look at ourselves- what we are creating & why & cultivating compassion for ourselves & others. as we do so we cultivate compassion for ourselves and others and find we are able to dwell ever more fully in peace within our hearts & in presence with ourselves & each other. we change what we bring. we change the world.

pause&be retreats have been a seed in my heart for quite some time- now coming into bloom. these sessions are join me...

pause&be with laurieG & ilonaKimberly 

22 september * autumnEquinox

with laurieG & ilonaKimberly 
           as we explore with gentleness
           with curiousity, awe & wonder
organic movement

journaling for satya
a personal writing practice
for illuminating truth in perception & expression
intention * gratitude * awareness *  integrity * understanding & transformation

fire ritual for karmic transformation

food made with love