Laurie is a gentle soul who lives in the deep waters of the open Heart.  Her only agenda to meet all of us in the joy, beauty, sweetness and vast unlimited potential of our shared humanity of our shared divinity of our sacred selves. I am so blessed and grateful to know Laurie - to walk the path of authenticity, Truth, wisdom and LOVE. Thank you sister, friend, teacher and more.  

-Rev. Jody Lotito Levine, an interspiritual minister

stefan + laurieG on retreat in paradise (san juan del sur, nicarauga)

stefan + laurieG on retreat in paradise (san juan del sur, nicarauga)

"I liken Laurie's yoga class to that of a mother's womb. Laurie seems to effortlessly and intuitively attend to the needs and wants of her students- my body, mind and soul. In over, eight years of pratice I have yet to find another Yoga teacher with her detailed awareness of the physical body and the vast complexities of the human soul and psyche. Her warm yet professional, physical adjustments over the years have allowed my body to arrive more deeply into physical postures. Moreover, her philosophical and positive, psychological outlooks on life continue to brighten my day.

I not only owe Laurie my gratitude for making me a better person and deepening my physical practice-- her infectious passion to help others inspired me to become a certified Yoga Teacher myself. In short, I wholeheartedly recommend anyone seeking to begin or deepen their practice of Yoga do so through the matchless tutelage of LaurieG."

-Stefan Drayton, Certified Yoga Teacher